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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding records retention at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Hopefully, we are able to assist you with your question here. If not, please feel free to Contact Us.

Legacy UMDNJ Frequently Asked Questions

How will records management and record storage be handled after July 1, 2013?
Rutgers University Records Management (RURM) will be managing the records of UMDNJ & Rutgers beginning on July 1, 2013.  The records of University Hospital will be owned by UH and the records of the School of Osteopathic Medicine will be owned by Rowan.  UH and Rowan records will be managed as each institution sees fit.  If you work at UH or SOM, please look to those respective administrations for further instructions after July 1, 2013.

Will legacy UMDNJ units continue to use Crown?
All current boxes with Crown will continue to be stored and delivered through Crown. However, these boxes will be accessible through the Rutgers software. 

Legacy UMDNJ units going to Rutgers will not use Crown for storing new boxes.  RURM has their own facility (Rutgers University Records Center, RURC), online records management system and vehicle fleet to manage all RU/Legacy UMDNJ records. The new online records management system will give all Rutgers and UMDNJ users the ability to add, retrieve, return and authorize the disposal of records.  The system will also allow you to search and view your records that are stored at the University Records Center and Crown. 

What do I do with new boxes that need to go to archives after July 1st?
After July 1st, all new boxes will be sent to the Rutgers University Record Center (RURC).

What services are available for Legacy UMDNJ Units going to Rutgers?  Where do I get boxes?  Can I use a copy-paper delivery box? 
The new RURC has audit rooms equipped with phone, computer and copier/printer/scanner capabilities.  Users can come and pick-up or review boxes at RURC.  Regular boxes or paper-copy boxes will not be acceptable; RURM will be supplying appropriate boxes.  The following services are provided by Rutgers Records Management (please note all services in italics are considered out of scope):

  • Provide boxes and labels to departments for storage
  • New records pick-up and delivery to Records Center
  • Records storage
  • Records request
    • Onsite – departments can request box and go to Records Center to view/take the box/file
    • Standard - retrieval/delivery of box/file to requesting department (24 hour commitment)
    • Premium - special retrieval/delivery (4 hour commitment)
    • Scan on demand – electronic delivery of requested items (less than 25 pages)
    • Scan on demand – electronic delivery of requested items (more than 25 pages)
    • Stacking – return of box/file to shelf
  • Records destruction - permanent removal and destruction of selected items (shredding)
  • Additional service – (file indexing) create a file level inventory of box.

What should I be doing now before July 1st?
Regardless of where your unit is going, it would be prudent to begin reviewing and/or organizing currently used files within your department and organizing the paperwork which tracks your archived documents.

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