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Packing of Records

Carefully reviewing, categorizing, and indexing your records are critical to the success of any records management program. Moreover, following established guidelines can increase efficiency by disposing of out-of-date items that are not records and storing records requiring retention off-site until they can be destroyed.

Records packed for storage are to be processed in compliance with the Rutgers record retention guidelines below. They must be reviewed, assigned a record series code, and the retention period must be determined according to University requirements. Afterwards, they shoud be packed in special storage boxes, properly labeled, and stored in a secure, cool, dry place until the destruction date.

General Guidelines for Packing
  • Records must be sent in approved one cubic foot (12 x 15 x 10) records storage boxes. To order boxes, contact the Records Management Center at recordsmanagement.rutgers.edu.
  • If you are storing documents that will not fit in the approved box (blueprints, ledger books, etc.), please contact us to discuss alternate storage options.  Some packing guidelines:
    • Do not pack hanging folders in boxes
    • Do not over pack the box so that the lid does not go on firmly or so that the sides bulge
    • Do not lay additional files on top of files already packed
    • Leave at least 1 inch of space in each box to allow for the easy retrieval of files (additional space should be left if it is known that more files will be added at a future date)
    • Do Not Write on or tape lists to the box
    • Records should be packed in the same order as they were maintained in your filing cabinets.
  • REQUIRED: Prepare a box level inventory of the contents of each box.
    • Create and assign a unique box # that corresponds to the box level inventory.
    • Use the box creation function of the online records management software to enter the information.
  • RECOMMENDED: The Records Management Database is able to provide five level indexing in addition to the box level.
    • Files can be added to the system online, imported from various formats or entered from paper documents
    • File level indexing can be provided to a department by the RURC (fees may apply).
  • Place one hard copy of the inventory in the box and retain a second copy for your records.
  • Notify the RURC that you have boxes that you would like picked up. All requests for records pick up are done through the online software.
  • Labels will be generated and sent to you (each box will get a bar-coded label that corresponds to the original unique box #)
  • The RURC will review the indexes prepared online or transmittal form for completeness. Upon approval, RURC will schedule to have your boxes picked up within 3 business days. You will receive an email notification confirming the date of your pickup.

Please Note: Bulk storage items such as furniture and office equipment CANNOT be accepted for storage at the Records Center. For information on warehousing options, please visit Material Services website at material.rutgers.edu.