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Retention Schedule Formatting

The following is a sample of a typical records retention schedule:

1.  Title:      Employment Records
2.  Description:      Employee Records (Record Jackets) are maintained for all regularly appointed faculty and staff and generally contain: Personnel Authorization forms (PAF), Personal Data Records (PDR), and a copy of the Social Security Card. These files may also contain, benefit enrollment forms, salary adjustment letters, original application for employment, Oath-of-Affirmation (faculty), Absence Record Cards (staff) Unemployment Insurance Claim forms and Determinations, Dependent Child Tuition Remission Applications and employment-related memos.
3.  Office of Record:      University Human Resources
4.  Retention:      80 Years
5.  Disposition:      Destroy
6.  Other copies:      Units/Department
7.  Retention:      6 Years after termination of employment
8.  Disposition:      Destroy

Required Information
  • Title of the record series.
  • The series description generally consists of two components: a use or purpose statement and a content statement.
  • Office of Record: Notes what unit/department is responsible for the record/information.
  • Retention. Notes how long the record must be maintained.
  • Disposition: The action that must occur when the retention has been satisfied.
  • Other copies: Notes where there might be another copy/version of the record.
  • Retention: Notes how long the record must be maintained for other copies.
  • Disposition: The action that must occur when the retention has been satisfied for other copies.